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Glass stones, glass boulders or glass pebbles are mainly used in landscape design. Landscaping glass have a wide range of colors and sizes, different transparency, it also might include of air bubbles and might be completely crystal.
Where does it apply? These are mainly gabion structures - fences, columns, walls, pergons made of a metal mesh frame, filled with granite rubble, sea pebbles or other fillers.The trend for using glass stones is gradually gaining momentum.
Glass stones can be used on its own in landscaping architecture. It's combined with many styles - Mediterranean and High-tech, Scandinavian and Alpine, minimalist or classic styles. In fact, glass can fit into any landscape style. With glass stones the landscape becomes brighter and a bit fantastic.
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Sparking Dimond Glass Chunks are unique item. Every piece of these chunks are slightly polished to make the edges smooth and harmless. They are completely hand made. Each side of it gently finished.

Sparking Dimond Glass Chunks can be used as decorative accent of stylish interior. They can easily transform classic ambiance to creative way.

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